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Potentially fatal crash - pilot survived

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Ok, I'm being a little over dramatic. However, tonight at the WHAM indoor flying club I frequent Monday nights, I flew the Citabria too close to the gym wall. I tagged the wall, fell the floor and it appears I have stripped the rudder servo.

The servo is an integral part of the main board, which costs 50% the price of a completely new plane. And I have spent my last few pennies (in advance even...) getting some equipment for the StarLite park flyer.

Looks like the end of the road may have come for the Citabria. Pics of the servo may or may not appear. *sigh*. Nearly 14 hours on the airframe over 12 months of flying and probably over one hundred flights. It has served me well.

Rest in pieces little buddy.

My bad - no StarLITE at last Golf Dome...

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Just received my order of RC bits. Had trimmed back my order to ensure that:
  1. Received 2 sets of wheels for the Fokker - Check!
  2. Received batteries (check), servos (check), props (check), ESC (check) and motor (Do'h) for the StarLITE plane I'm slowly building.
Well, I guess I forgot to double check the motor. I had planned on ordering a $6 25g 1600kv outrunner which probably would have been suffecient for the plane, but I guess somehow I missed the fact that I removed it from my order to keep my costs within budget.

Oh well. I will assemble what I can and make sure to get the wheels on the Fokker so it at least is ready to fly.

(Also filed under Grounded - cause I'm an idiot...)

By the way - this Friday (April 17th) from 10:30PM to 12:30AM is the last (semi)-official indoor fun fly at the Golf Dome! I'll be there with my Citabria!

Come watch for FREE!

Fly for $20 (I hear rumor of prizes???)

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