My bad - no StarLITE at last Golf Dome...

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Just received my order of RC bits. Had trimmed back my order to ensure that:
  1. Received 2 sets of wheels for the Fokker - Check!
  2. Received batteries (check), servos (check), props (check), ESC (check) and motor (Do'h) for the StarLITE plane I'm slowly building.
Well, I guess I forgot to double check the motor. I had planned on ordering a $6 25g 1600kv outrunner which probably would have been suffecient for the plane, but I guess somehow I missed the fact that I removed it from my order to keep my costs within budget.

Oh well. I will assemble what I can and make sure to get the wheels on the Fokker so it at least is ready to fly.

(Also filed under Grounded - cause I'm an idiot...)

By the way - this Friday (April 17th) from 10:30PM to 12:30AM is the last (semi)-official indoor fun fly at the Golf Dome! I'll be there with my Citabria!

Come watch for FREE!

Fly for $20 (I hear rumor of prizes???)

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