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Next indoor Fun Fly - Golf Dome - November 28th

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I'm helping to spread the word on this event. Last time was a lot of fun, but turnout could have been better. I'm not 100% just yet - have to figure out what I can afford to all do this year (they just had one a couple of weeks ago). However, if any of you are interested it might help me decide.

Spectators are free. The concession stand is open for snacks and drinks. And its a great event to watch various models in action - sort of a try (watch) before you buy kind of thing.

The soft ground is a great place to practice hovering that electric heli, etc. and with guys like Mark and Harold around there will be plenty of skilled mentors to help out. Also a fun place to try out those $30-50 r/c planes and heli's from places like Walmart.

I'm trying to determine if MAAC insurance is required for this event (although I highly recommend getting it either way if you plan on flying anywhere with others).

I have a couple interesting projects on the go for the Citabria that I hope to write about soon. One involves giving myself a bit more elevator authority and the other is setting up lights on the plane for better tracking. Should keep me busy until the 28th!
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From: Mark Jurcevic (amazing helicopter pilot and one of experts from CellarDwellar)

Hey Guys,
    We have booked Nov 28th ( Friday ) 10:30pm-12:30 for another round of fun relaxing in-door flying.  If you guys could pass the word around that would be great.  The Golf Dome can support a very large amount of people and aircraft, the owners of the golf dome have printed up a little guide line of rules that they would like have passed around, nothing to serious so please see below.  The Golf Dome is big in size, if you are thinking of flying a plane of a larger size check with one of the organizers or e-mail me or call me at the store.  If the clubs could maybe post the date on their sites that would be great!  The cost will be around $15.00-$20.00 per person to cover the cost of renting the Dome, again spread the word guys!!!!
Gold Dome rules/guide lines
1   Pilots are not allowed on the upper floors of the driving structure
2   Only clean indoor shoes allowed on the feild ( please be curtious now that winter is here )
3   Only pilots allowed on the field, spectators are welcome to watch from the driving stations
4   Aircraft are to be flown in front of you at all time, not straight above you or behind you. ( this is a big one )
5   Try to keep aircraft away from all ceiling fans/side netting and golf dome canopy
6   No food/beverages allowed on the field
7   Be mind full of hanging wires
8   We are responsible for all damages to the Golf Dome
9   If flying anything other than 2.4 Ghz you must pin your #
10 No flying untill a Golf Dome employee gives the all clear to start flying
Thanks guys,