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Moving faster!

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Alright - now we're cooking! This video is my little machine leveling the table at 75IPM. It is a bit bouncy when starting/stopping along the X axis, but otherwise, doing very well!
This weekend I cleaned up a bunch of the wiring. I started by putting the driver circuits into a box. Namely, a pencil case box from Staples.
CNC wiring upgrade & table leveling
There is a small fan on top to keep the drivers cool. Connectors for power, signals, and lines for the steppers. The lines to the steppers were also cleaned up with connectors (labeled) and nice cable looms from old printers.
CNC wiring upgrade & table leveling
Once complete, I leveled the table (had some issues with the bit slipping in the collet, I hope to post a write-up on how I solved that soon). Looks good, eh?
CNC wiring upgrade & table leveling
The table is not perfectly square. It is out 1/16" on 10", and there is some bounce in the X-Axis when travelling too fast.
CNC wiring upgrade & table leveling
But all in all, I'm happy with the progress so far!