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Model airplane powered by an elastic band.

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A older style model airplane - free flight. Rubber band powered balsa and tissue paper planes. Spotted this from the Make Blog.

Might be something to try as I have a bit of left over balsa and a lot of tissue paper.


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Huh? Keyboard error? New religion? Nope. Its

The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk

a great way to:

  1. Receive new gadgets, trinkets, and assorted electronic bits that you may need, or may not even have known to exist!
  2. Share some of your trinkets that you have surplus of, don't have need for or just feel like making someone else happy with.
  3. Meeting new friends who share that same quirky pack-rat mentality about all things electronics.
(I'd list 'Chance to clean up the workbench' - but I doubt there is anything that can do that...).

I just signed up, and will have to see if I can put something together...

Edit: I have assembled a box - Blue Bomber.

It contains:

2 x steppers
2 x servos
1 disassembled 2GB video/MP3 player (no battery)
1 disassembled weather key chain thing (no battery, no circuit board)
1 pckg 4 NC momentary push button switches
1 BNC? T connector
1 'singal adapter' - 3.5mm female / male
1 soldering iron tip
1 Barbie camera
1 HP LaserJet IIIsi control panel
some 5mm heat shrink tubing
some switches
some neon lamps
bubble wrap! Yay!!


Anyone interested in being the first recipient?