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Spinning up the wings!?!

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My entry into rotary wing aircraft (aka helicopters) has begun. I just (last night) purchased a Blade mSR helicopter for the winter months when flying planes outside in the cold lacks certain appeal.

Flight logs are almost 1/2 hour. I can safely keep the bird in the center of my living room (8 foot ceiling, 12x14 foot room with furniture everywhere).

I am experiencing brief glitching where the helicopter seems to shut down for a millisecond or two and then recover. It might drop an inch or two, but it's enough to make me a bit concerned.

The ultimate indoor flying facility?

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How about flying in this building?

Big warehouse

"The $40 million research center, set on 90 acres in Richburg, S.C., features a massive test chamber as tall as a six-story building that can hold nine 2,300-square-foot homes on a turntable. Those homes can be subjected to tornado-strength winds generated by 105 giant fans. Mix in water from the 750,000-gallon tanks, and researchers can simulate Category 3 hurricanes."

It can even simulate bad weather, so if you want to try crosswind, headwind, tailwind or gail force wind landings, just spin up the fans!

2010 / 2011 Indoor flying dates and locations

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Winter's almost here. Thinking of packing your plane's away? Check this out:

Indoor flying season is starting! I have received details of at least 2 places to fly small electric R/C aircraft indoors this winter. The first is a formal MAAC approved club, and the second is a more loose gathering of enthusiasts.

The WHAM Indoor R/C Club
meets every Thursday this school year in the Buchannan Elementary School. This club requires MAAC insurance. Entry fee is $20 for new members. Flying starts at 7PM (doors are locked by 8PM, so come early or bring a cell phone). We are asked to be packed up and out by 10PM - please respect the janitor's desire for sleep.

The school is available almost every Thursday, except holidays and during school activities. Here is a list of known black out dates:

November 11

December 23, 30

March 31

The last available day of flying is June 23.

Up to date information on availability is on the school / boards website(s):

Golf Dome fun fly's are back!
Friday nights from 10PM - 12:30AM. Cost is $20 to fly (each night), free to watch. No MAAC required. Make sure you clean up any bits that are removed from your craft after a crash!

This year's dates are:

October 15, 29
November 12, 26
December 10
January 7, 21
February 21, 4
March 4, 18
April 8

See you there!