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Jetman coming to America! - Scratch that.

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As reported on CBC's website, Yves Rossy is planning to fly his jet powered backpack style wing over the Grand Canyon. That will make for some great photos, videos, etc. Here's wishing him good luck!

Update (an hour later): While the FAA gave him permission, Yves decided the time frame was too tight and canceled the flight, and he was not comfortable he would have time to train / practice flying in such a "challenging" space. Too bad. Looking forward to the next flight!

'Fusion Man' Soars! - Personal jet powered wing

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Spotted this on OhGizmo this morning: Fusion Man Personal Flying Wing!

I figured I needed to help spread the word - this is so awesome! I want!


CNN has a video of Yves demo flight (not the whole, flight just some highlights). Yves Rossy, AKA Fusion Man has built a jet powered wing. While not quite completely self sufficient (he starts by jumping out of an airplane, and then landing with a parachute), the wing is capable of sustained flight (and according to OhGizmo, climb rates of over 1000' per minute). From the CNN article

  • Yves Rossy is the world's first man to fly with jet fuel-powered wings
  • He demonstrated his flight talent in Bex, Switzerland
  • His jet turbines enabled him to achieve a speed of 186 mph
  • He uses only his body to change position in the air

    This is related to the efforts by the Bird-Man flying bat suits. These suits have also been flown with personal jet turbines, all in the name of progress towards human flight!

    Wow. Its stories like this that keep my head in the clouds.





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