StarLite ready for take off!

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Coming in a bit heavy (5oz), I finally got all the pieces to finish the StarLite park flyer that I bought last year. Mounting the motor was a small challenge. The plane is designed for a geared motor / prop combo. Mine is a direct mount. So I glued a 3/8" square piece of balsa to the motor mount plate and then screwed the motor to the block. The screw holes on the motor are extremely tiny! I had to scrounge to find screws small enough to fit. These oldies probably came from an old airplane attitude indicator I took apart years ago. The motor is a 9g 2290Kv motor from HobbyCity, the prop is a GWS5030 and the speed controller is a hexTronic 10A with the heat shrink removed and leads shortened to try and save weight. Powering it all is a Rhino 360mAh 2 cell LiPo pack.

Motor.jpg Here's the final package. Hope it flies well! (Final notes, receiver is a 4 channel 72MHz Futaba, matched to a 3 channel basic analog Futaba transmitter - SkySport I believe. Servos are hxt500s.

StarLite.jpgFollow its status and flight logs!

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