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Well, here's something I've wanted to do for quite some time. Start using a real blogging tool. So this short and sweet post is just to get things started. I will leave all the pages, pics, etc. where they are for those deep linking in from other sites.

The original start page is still available - I'll leave it around for a while (I rarely delete anything).

For those that might have missed it, I'm asking for help in identifying an old airspeed indicator I purchased off eBay a few years ago. Here's some photos:


airspeed1.jpg  airspeed2.jpgairspeed3.jpg




UPDATE - March 7, 2008

Thanks to Ed (a member of the group), I have some more information regarding this instrument. A site call has a Lancaster ASI about 3/4 down the page dated 1943 that looks identical to mine (except theirs doesn't have a broken mount).

SpitfireSpares has theirs listed at 115 British pounds, or about $225CDN. I think I'll put mine in a safe place for now.


A further update. SpitfireSpares contacted me to state that based on my photos they believe the instrument to be dated 1940 and used on a Blenheim or Defiant or any other aircraft around in 1940 with similar performance. In other words, 1940 is too early for a Lancaster bird. They sell this particular model for £120 and would guess I could get between £30 and £60 on eBay.

Cool. Thanks Graham!

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