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Looking for information on an Airspeed indicator - March 4, 2008

I purchased an old airspeed indicator a number of years ago with the intention of using it in one of my simulator projects. However, I think it is much more valuable intact then gutted for a glorified toy. Can anyone tell me what it might be from and how old it might be? Send me a note to c182@flyinglow.ca with a subject of Vintage Airspeed.

Some flying firsts! - January 20, 2008

Since the fall, I have been getting up to speed on the Winnipeg Radio Control Club. I have had a member help me with my hummer (he put an electric motor, battery and speed controller into it - haven't seen it fly yet). I received a Sophisticated Lady sail plane, which I have reinstaled a radio and servos into. And I purchased a used Micro Whiz electric acreobatic plane.

With the Micro Whiz, I purchased a Futaba transmitter with a trainer link. There is a great free flight sim program for RC planes, and with a bit of soldering iron work, I created a cable to use the TX unit with the sim - so I have been spending a fair bit of time flying various planes.

Today, I took the sail plane out to a park, and tried some hand throws. Very smooth. The plane handles quite nicely. However, I'm new, it was -25C and on my 5 or 6th flight, with the plane gliding away from me, I misjudged my air speed and it stalled 3' from the ground and dove into a hard snow bank. This broke the nose off - so I have some repairs to do before I'm airborne again.

Today is also the 3rd Sunday of the month, so off to the WRCC meeting to sign up! Looking forward to seeing some of the amazing projects on display tonight get off the ground!

Here are the pictures of the spitfire, for those who I spoke to tonight.

Hopefully I will get some more photos up soon of my new fleet.

Slowly venturing into collaboration - Added Google Calendar - December 13, 2007

For those who might be interested in when I'm available or not - most likely a very limited audience - I have added my Google Calendar to the top of the page. Not sure what all will happen with it, or how long it will last, but enjoy!

Long time no see! - May 24, 2007

Haven't sold anything for a while (although the Spitfire pit is still available). Just found a really neat way to get some more culture. How many books have you read? How about any of the classics like The Art of War, Mobby Dick, Tale of 2 Cities, etc? Would you like to? Do you have time? NO!! Wow, you to, eh? Well, what if you get a small piece sent by email everyday? 5 minutes while riding the bus or at home, or at work (coffee break, lunch, during a meeting....) The check out this site! DailyLit They will email you a complete book piece by piece. Just one piece a day so you can get it small manageable chunks. Check it out!
Here's what I'm reading:

More stuff for sale - Nov 18, 2006

I am selling a 3M Service Vacuum . These normally sell for well over $200. The one I have is used, but still works great. The filter has been emptied at least once, but would still work. Check out the link for pictures, etc.

Thanks to all who bid on the wireless equipment. The USB memory card reader didn't sell - so if anyone wants to make a private offer, I'm here! Email me at c182@flyinglow.ca.

I also have some specialize photocopier tools that I'm may list. If anyone is interested in a Toshiba black & white test chart - these were crazy expensive from Toshiba (but earned you bonus points on the training! hi to John & Ola if they are reading this.)

Moved in! - Early November 2006

We are moved in! Most things are unpacked and life is returning to normal. The move has me much less attached to things of this world, and so to help clean up, I am auctioning off bits of stuff over the next few months. To see what is currently available, search eBay for sales by seller 'awiebe'. RSS feed available here: RSS

As of this posting, I have listed a USB 2.0 based multi-card reader and a complete long range wireless access point setup - in 3 auctions, the D-Link access point, the high gain antenna and the special low-loss cable to connect them.

Happy bidding!

BTW, if anyone knows of a simple server side script that can automatically list the items I'm selling on eBay on my site (like a google text ad), I'd love to know about it!

My RSS eBay feed is displayed here.

Portable favorites list (September 2006)

I have too many computers - at home, at work... well, ok just 2 at the moment. However, when I bookmark a site at home, it's not in my favorites at work and vice versa. So I'm creating my own custom site blog thingy.
My list of links
Now before you write this off as a useless static page - there's more!
The 5 year plan (which I hope to complete this weekend, or at least in the next few days) is to have you (yes you!) rank the links so that there will only be 5-10 links on the main page based on popularity. The list will consist of the top few links, a few random ones, and a few links that haven't been ranked in a while.
It's pretty light at the moment. I'm playing with the PHP code and having fun. As with anything else on this site, it will have a tacky Web 1.0 feel. Enjoy!
I'm going to bed now...

Reality is setting in.... (June 2006)

While I am still enjoying various aspects of my flying hobbies (I attended a very good airshow in Portage la Prairie, MB this month), the sad truth is, I just don't have the time to put into the 2 pits that I have.

Add to that, we are planning on moving into Winnipeg and that will mean a much smaller house then we have - which will mean that one or both of my simulators may have to find another home. (If you are interested in small town living in rural Manitoba, check out our house).)

If you are a) able to get to Winnipeg, MB to pick up either (or both) of my simulators and b) willing to make a reasonable offer on either (or both), then drop me a line at c182@flyinglow.ca. I am willing to transport them to Winnipeg, but any further would have to be arranged. They're not heavy, but big enough that crating them would be pricey.

Net Speed - Current Internet Traffic

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Flight Simulators

My main project (on hold for slightly short of forever) is a Cessna 172 simulator.

I also have another project that seems to be of more interest. I was given a wooden mockup of a Spitfire cockpit. As my carpentry skills are lacking, this project is taking even longer as I really don't want to mess it up!

Real (albeit small) Airplanes

I am also getting involved in control line aircraft, RC aircraft and have had the thrill of riding in some smaller commercial aircraft (such as the Cessna Caravan, and Saab 340 B).

Grounded - or things other then flying

Ramblings, ideas, interests that do not fit elsewhere can be found here.

February 28, 2006

Check out my comparison of Tim Hortons, the lottery and the stock market.

Hey, I'm not very artistic - rather spend my time flying then building or making things look pretty, but if you have any comments or questions just drop me a line at: c182@flyinglow.ca

Thanks for dropping in!