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April 1st - 2010 - Gray-E arrived from @splorp in Calgary, AB. This box has made a number of stops (and is getting quite large).


Some notes:
  • I removed batteries - probably not a good idea to ship things that might leak nasties
  • I took the TI calculator because it is so cool - after removing the leaky batteries (see above) and inserting a 9V, I confirm it works! Wow. I like the cool retro red LEDs, but may not want to retrofit - it may be a bench calculator.
  • I took the WinTerm thin client - to replace my old PIII 500 workstation is very slow, takes up lots of precious workbench space (would take up less if it was gathered up into a case and not splayed out like a high school biology assignment gone bad).
  • I also grabbed the one-wire temperature sensors - these will augment my furnace monitoring project quite nicely.
  • I added a vintage CD-ROM to keep the Sony Walkman company
  • P3280042
  • I added some heat shrink tubing 'cause I think it is useful (scavanged out of a Dell server no less)
  • I added some dual pole umpteen-many throw slide switches 'cause I have too many and have never used any
  • I added another small solar cell with wires attached (wrapped both the new one and the existing one together in tissue for protection)
  • I added the following HP LaserJet III parts
    • Laser diode
    • Main control panel with LCD
  • I added a couple of mechanical BCD switches
Added - Mechanical BCD switch

Not sure what else I've added or removed, but that is mainly it. This box has lots of stuff in it. Canada Post claims there was 6.159kg of electronic goodness in it when it was shipped to me - I'm sure it is more now.

I am currently looking for the next recipient - there are some suggestions in the logs, and there are many, many users requesting boxes online. I'll give it a week or so to see what falls out of the ether on its own before I start shoulder tapping.