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Samsung CLP-310 Usage review

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I have had this printer for almost 4 years now. I have 2 kids in middle / high school who use it for homework, etc. Below is a running total cost of ownership. This printer has been very reliable, but I was a little surprised by how much it is costing me.

I've factored in the initial purchase cost (which I am somewhat estimating as I purchased it along with a few other goodies). That does raise the typical cost per page metric, but I figure that needs to be included as some printers are cheap and others not so much.

Also of interesting note - as of April 2013, I am STILL on the starter Magenta cartridge! (So my TCO is actually a little bit lower, as I have not put the new Magenta cartridge in).

My volumes are quite low ~ 2 pages / day. There are days where the printer sits idle, and then days when a school project gets printed a couple times as typos are noticed and corrected. I wonder how much ink would have been wasted from nozzles drying up due to idle during this time.