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Germans lost again...

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This time it was my fault. The plane was too big for the golf dome and me. I should have waited for a sunny afternoon and taken it outside (where I can get up at least 3 oops high). There was one short flight that ended in a stall, bank to the left a dive and a hard landing. Less then 1 minute in the air.

Fortunately, the damage is minimal.


Right tire is broken (as predicted on many forums).


Some (hard to see) internal damage to the trailing edge along with some separation of the skin.


And a broken tail - this happened in my house when I accidentally reversed the throttle channel on my Tx. That is very scary!

All in all, should be quite repairable and when that sunny afternoon comes round, I shall be back.

New plane! Lanier Fokker D.VII ARF

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I have a new bird to fly! A Lanier Fokker D.VII ARF. Follow the flights on its own page!

Purchased the airframe at a swap meet. Had a couple servos at home, bought 2 batteries, motor, ESC, receiver, 2 more servos and some odds & ends to get this bird ready for the air.

From Hobby King:

SKU Description Qty
TPC>5-2-1047 TowerPro BM2410-9T / 18A BEC/ 1047 1
TR-5011 Turnigy 2-3 Cell Lipoly Balance/Ch 1
Ec1300-20-3 Zippy-Ec 1300mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly P 2
HD-1550A Power HD Servo 5.5g/0.9kg/.10sec 2
AM-2005-M-60 60cm Male 22AWG Twisted 2
RP6D1-72 Corona Synthesized Dual-Conv Recei 1

Looks sharp!

The receiver is an interesting animal. No crystal. It scans for and locks onto the first 72MHz transmitter it finds. Once setup, it remembers the channel and is good to go! Being a six channel receiver, I have configured the plane to use flaperons. Will be interesting to see how well that works out!

More details to come!