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Citabria landing and marker lights update

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Just a quick update on the documentation. Dick Cappels has written up some more details regarding the heart (brains?) of my marker light project. He provides source code and a couple of alternate solutions that others may find useful.

I have not noticed any interference or 'glitching' as a result of adding the lights. The slight weight gain, drag (LEDs on wing tips are not streamlined) and current draw has reduced flight times by just over 10% (9 minutes to 7 minutes - typical - although I have had at least one flight with the lights that made it to over 9 minutes).

Here's a short clip of the lights in action - near the back of the Golf Dome where the back ground is darker, they really shine!

Parkzone - Citabria (Kyosho Minium Citabria) - Flying with lights from Alex Wiebe on Vimeo.