MPXV5004G Breakout board

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A small project to practice milling PCB boards. This board holds a MPXV5004G pressure sensor. It will eventually be part of my furnace monitor - it will detect the pressure (vacuum) in the fan housing part of the furnace. As the furnace filter plugs up, the vacuum will increase (pressure will decrease). The furnace monitor will correlate the pressure to the activity (because different fan speeds will produce different pressures). When the pressure is low enough, the furnace will tweet me that I need to change the filter.

MPXV5004G pressure sensor breakout board

The settings for pcb-gcode that I used for this project were:

Etch depth: -0.004
Isolation Default: 0.01
Isolation Max: 0.02
Isolation Step Size: 0.007
Etch tool size: 0.01
Feed rate: 10 IPM

Cheap imported single sided PCB boards from DX.

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