Pushing the limits of my soldering abilities

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My desktop CNC is suffering from noise - electrical noise. The steppers sporadically jump back and forth, which causes no end of grief. With the big guy in garage, I solved this by choking the machine - literally, I applied 4 or 5 chokes - iron cores to various power and data cords to settle things down. For the small guy, I tried a few chokes, but that didn't help. I figured I needed noise filtering caps. I stumbled across a little bag of 0.01uF SMD caps, and then was hit with inspiration - I built a capacitor network. I cut a 7 pin male header, removed on pin and replaced it with a bent piece of paper clip. Next I carefully one by one laid a cap across the gap between a pin and the wire. Finally I managed (after a few tries) to solder each one in place.

0.01uF cap network

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