Y-Axis update

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The Y-Axis overhaul is starting to take shape. Last night we squared up the supports, attached the rails and started mounting the Z-axis cart.

The supports are 2 x 3/4" plywood with a 3/4" plywood brace dado'ed in. After struggling to square the bridge to the supports, we noticed the brace was not square and it was causing the bridge to warp when the bolts were tightened. The fix was easy enough - a bandsaw and some slow steady pressure took about 1/16" of material off and gave us a nice square and straight edge.


The rails are 1/8" x 1&1/2" aluminum strapping. Using the table saw we cut slots into the 2x3/4" thick mdf bridge. The saw blade was not quite wide enough so 2 or 3 passes were needed to get the strapping to fit. In the end the slot was ever so slightly too narrow and the strapping, while in, is not as straight/true as we would like. None the less, the cart runs very smoothly along the rails.


Borrowing an idea / technique from the table, we chose the lower rail as the 'square' one, and the top as a guide. The cart is pressed onto the "square" rail by a spring loaded bearing pushing against the guide rail.


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