CNC - Parallel port breakout board - with Lights!

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I need a clean way to break out the pins from the parallel port to the various stepper drivers, etc. I had a rats nest on a breadboard for a long time, and for almost as long of a time, I had an Eagle file that would make a nice breakout board with status lights. The plan was to mill the PCB board, but I have been having too much fun laser printing the negatives onto magazine paper, ironing them onto PCB. Anyhow, for those who are interested, this is what the board looks like:

Parallel port breakout board

The LEDS are in 3 groups of 4 pins, they pass through the header to the LED / resister for status. Beside the big connector is 4 input pins for home signals, etc.

Parallel port breakout board - backside

This is the back side.

And for those interested, here is the LED_SIGNAL_V2.brd.


The download does not open. Not sure the file type. Also can you get into a step by step on how you made this?


Do you have Eagle PCB Design Software installed? ( That is what I used to create the layout. It may not open automatically, try saving it somewhere and then open it from within Eagle.

This board is very basic - from with Eagle I printed the etching mask onto a piece of glossy magazine paper. I then cut out the mask and ironed it onto a piece of single sided copper clad board. Once cooled, wash the magazine paper and glue off with plain water. The toner remains as a great etching mask. This board was then etched using ferric chloride.

The LEDs are nothing special, and the resistors are 220 ohms 1/4 watt.

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