Version 1.2 - CNC upgrade update

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A couple minor updates. Made use of the new power supply and moved the unit, PSU and computer into the corner of the shop so I don't keep tripping on wires.

My shop - CNC

Upgraded the bridge axis. Added a bearing to take lateral load off the flex hose connecting the threaded rod to the stepper. The bearing mount is 4 sheets of 3/16" plywood - cut by the CNC - how cool is that! The bearing is sandwiched in between. The stepper is further offset by the old plate to reduce tension from any wobble. I can now move this axis at up to 7 inches per minute - previous rates were around 6 in/mn. The stepper can only turn at 7/min in free air (no threaded rod attached), so this is pretty good.

Stepper mount version 2

Another touch is to mount the power transistor / driver board so the cables don't flop around so much.

Driver mount version 1

Finally - a small reminder that I do not have all the bells and whistles installed. I really need limit switches. A recent job ran the table to the end and started to pull the flex tube off the stepper shaft. Yikes!

Table limit hit!

That's all for now!

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