Math homework - first CNC project complete!

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So my son was watching doodle youtube video clips in math class (his teacher was trying to teach something) and as an assignment was asked to doodle in math class - how cool is that. 

So my son takes it a step further and explores the over / under principles described in the video above, creates a doodle and then using Blender, creates a graphical 3D render of the image.


Then I look at my CNC machine and have the urber nerdy idea to actually render it real 3D using wood. The first step is a Z-pass filter to convert the vertical profile into a grey scale. White is the bottom, black at the top.


Next I used EMC 2.4 / Axis (my milling software) to raster scan the image and generate g-code to mill out the wood. At first I tried a 2 x 2 inch square, but the details were lost.


Then I went for a 4 x 4 inch square. At 2 hours per pass, 7 passes in total, it took just over 14 hours of milling - but here is his math assignment rendered in beautiful cedar!

4 x 4 cedar math doodle

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