Step 2 (and maybe 3) of 3 drivers are done.

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I finished the 2nd driver board tonight and tested it. Works great!

Next stepper driver

And the final major axis driver is complete. Very similar to the previous driver. Added some heat shrink tubing the resistors to reduce shorts. Oddly, this side of the prototype board had 1 fewer row of pins and so some last minute re-jigging had to occur.

I also revived an older driver board I built for a flight sim I was working on years ago.

Old stepper drivers

An old stepper driver I built years ago for a flight simulator. This board drove the compasses. The chip in the middle is an STA401A driver from a printer, the chip on the right is a bipolar driver from a floppy drive. This one will drive the Z-Axis (does not require as much torque, can go slower and driver a smaller stepper).

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