FPV! FTW! Finally!

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Ok, so ever since I saw First Person Video's from R/C airplanes online, I have wanted to join the fun. The cost has been quite prohibitive however. The ultimate setups are real time virtual reality setups complete with on board telemetry and GPS navigation.

I've looked into mounting video camera's on the plane, however, the camera's available to date have either been too heavy, too expensive or poor quality video (or all of the above).

Well, a few weeks ago I was introduced to a keychain camera that records 640x480 for less than $20!!! It arrived on Monday and wow. It's small, light and the video is actually quite reasonable. Before ordering your own, check out this extensive research page. The unit I received is apparently a #7 version. Here's my camera (for those outside of Canada, that's a one dollar coin - about 2.5cm across):

808 Car Keys Micro Camera

and here's my first FPV video taken from my golden yellow foamy:

Enjoy! There will more to come I'm sure!!


Wow nice review about this camera.
It records very clear-- for only 20usd?
wow-- now I know what to buy if I want one.

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