New planes!

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The fleet grew by 2 on Wednesday. In Manitoba, the 11th of November is a holiday (only if not on a weekend?). So while cruising the web in the morning I spotted that Eliminator RC was having a swap meet at 3 in the afternoon. With nothing else to do than spend money, I went and spent money.

I bought 2 planes. The first is a complete kit. Plane, battery, radios - even the charge adapter for the PolyQuest battery.


The top is nicely coloured and will look sharp on the field. It is a four channel plane (similar to my Fokker). The wing has an asymmetrical airfoil and some dihedral so it should not be too hard to learn to fly.


The under belly has bright blue and will hopefully help keep me oriented.


The other 'bird' I grabbed was this oddity. Its a 3 channel foam plan with a brushed motor. Should run on a 2 cell LiPo once I get a speed controller, etc. It only came with the drive train (motor, gears, prop). No battery, radio or servos.


Should be fun getting these ready over the winter for flying. Who knows? My order from HobbyKing may arrive in time to get the foamy airborne some pleasant fall / winter day. Stay tuned!

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