More Avro Lancaster images for those who missed it

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The big news this weekend in Winnipeg was the landing and public viewing of the WWII Avro Lancaster bomber. Needless to say it was a very popular attraction. When it landed yesterday there was a massive crowd that waited hours for a chance to see inside. The plane was also on display today - but since it was a work day, I arrived at 6PM (they closed the museum at 7). I was warned that I might not get to go in, and the line up outside and the crowd around the plane confirmed that fear.

DSCF0067.JPGI took these shots through the airport perimeter fencing - I was debating even going in.

Nice shot of the forward guns and bomb site.

Glad I did! Rear gun and right main gear (and my son in both):


The next few shots of the interior where taken by a friend's nephew who's relative flew as a rear gunner - thanks! I brought my airspeed indicator for a shot with the one in the plane. I guess the airspeed was upgraded to maintain air worthiness as the airspeed in the plane is definetly not vintage. The pilot liked mine much better.

Pilot and the instrument:

Lancaster airspeed and mine:

DSCF0079.JPGLooking towards the rear gunner and into the rear gunner station:

Tribute to Andrew Mynaski and the Lancaster.


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