Major damage to the Citabria - head-on collision

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I flew my plane with its newly fastened lights on Monday, November 17th in the gym our indoor club uses. The plane flew really well and drew some encouraging comments. All went well until the last flight (it's always the last flight). I met a 3D head on and we both tumbled to the ground. Me because I had lost my main wing, him because he graciously and quickly cut the throttle! The damage actually was not as bad as I feared. The main wing had a number of tears as shown below, however, my main fear was the delicate wires and lights I had just added.
 The wires were wrapped around his prop and motor. This took some careful and delicate work with needle nose pliers, but eventually they came free. I retrieved the wing and stuck it back on. Between the tears in the wing and motor being knocked off its mount it was amazing the plane actually flew! However the flight was not pretty and the landing snapped the propeller. So off to CellarDwellar for a new wing and prop.
Glued the motor back in place and stuck a new wing on, re-wiring the lights back in place. I tested the results outside a couple nights later, but at -5C the batteries only lasted 2-3 minutes.

On November 28th at the golf dome, the plane flew wonderfully. I had also altered the elevator authority in order to improve my inverted flying ability. It worked - although I think I could go one more notch.


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