New season of indoor flying has begun

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WHAM Indoor is back in action! Actually they were a few weeks ago - I just started tonight. A good turn out and some neat new toys on the block. Bind-N-Play is quite the thing with these pilots. There were 3 Vapors and I think at one point I counted 4 Blades flying. Once you have invested in the right transmitter, then you can purchase ready to fly planes that just work. Very cool.

PKZ3380-250.jpgAbove is the Parkzone Vapor; while the e-Flite Blade is below:

EFLH2280-250.jpgBoth use Bind-N-Fly technology - all you need is a DSM2 2.4GHz radio.

Upcoming note - next Monday (October 27th) from 10PM until midnight, the Golf Dome has been booked for flying! This should be lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what new models show up!

Here's the Details:
Golf Dome Indoor Flying!
Organized by: Mark Jurcevic
 I have been talking with some people and we have been able to rent the golf dome for some in-door flying.  We have a date set as a ( trial fly ) to see how it works out.  We have booked October the 27th, 10:00pm untill 12:00 midnight, a couple of things, I know this is a late time but it is the only way we are able to get in at a fair dollar rate, and get in at all! also I know this is a Monday and Buchanan School has its in-door flying on Monday nights.  If we get a good amount of people we change it to any day of the week and maybe a little bit earlier than 10:00pm.  It looks like it should not be any more than $15.00 a person, the more we get the less it will cost each of us.  I figured that sending a e-mail to you guys you can pass on the word!

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