Fall Indoor flying in the Golf Dome

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Just got back from an indoor flying event at the Golf Dome in Winnipeg. As it was the first of its kind, the late evening start (10PM until Midnight) and we are still in October, the crowd wasn't as big as hoped, but still a lot of fun was had. We start with Harold chomping at the bit, eager to get up as soon as the last golf ball was cleaned up:


The field was BIG. It took my little Citabria nearly 10 seconds to fly end to end. Lots of height to try loops and inverted flying (my elevator is not big enough / set aggressive enough to hold the plane inverted).


Here are some gratuitous airplane shots.

yellow.jpg planes_chopper.jpg foam1.jpg

The plane of the evening was the Cub. There were 2 of them; Harold's and this one. Harold was running something like a huge battery and claims to be able to get over an hour out of the pack. He took pleasure in slowly chasing a few planes around, had half is stab sheered off by a helicopter and finally was grounded after a full head on with a 3D Excitement.



Alex, it was interesting to come upon your flying hobby and entries regarding it. Keep it up and be motivated to fly far. Good luck and God bless your interest and inteligence in the flying realm.

Erna Plett

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