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Hey everyone! Summer may be all but over, however, there are still some great flying events coming up in the Winnipeg area.

In order:

Sunday - September 7th - WRCC's first annual Jet Rally! Should be loud, fast and expensive! (No charge to come and watch!)

(Update: September 5th from the WRCC site - no Jets - bummer. Might be some electric jets though:

Well because of the weather and the crop that is still standing around our field the jets day may not happen as an all out Jets day - the turbines have been grounded due to fire hazards.  As it stands right now, it will be a "normal" flying day with the exception of some electric jets that make it out that day. When needed please give these jets full access to the skies during their flights.


Monday - September 8th - WHAM Indoor resumes! Buchanan Elementary school - MAAC insurance required to fly, $20 annual membership. Electric planes and heli's only (no cars). Bring extra shoes - no outdoor shoes allowed in the gym.

Saturday - September 13th - WHAM BBQ (Redux) - The fun fly was rained out in July. Valid MAAC required to fly. Come out and enjoy!

Should be loads of fun!

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