Crashed the Lady - again

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14 Minute flight, ending almost in some trees and coming to rest upside down on someone's garage roof.

Was a clear evening with a steady breeze from the South. The breeze was actually stiff enough that I could climb very quickly into it, as I had to have some nose down to keep from flying behind me and over the trees. Once I was well up over 50' the air wind was not gusty at all, and many times the lady just gracefully floated overhead not seeming to not move at all.

Power management was probably chewing my battery faster then normal as I'd barely squeeze 2 minutes of glide out of 1 minute of throttle. Total flight time was about 14 minutes.

Down on the ground, the wind did not seem that fast - I assumed the lack of bugs was due to the DEET I bathed in first. And in fact, Environment Canada has the winds for 9PM listed as S 13km/h and the temperate 22C, humidity 57%.

Well, here's the final damage report.

Wings - no damage.

Nose - bent:

nose_damage.jpgFuselage: Cracked (battery split body open.

fuselage_damage.jpgTail: cracked along fuselage (note area circled in red):

tail_damage.jpgBattery - shrink wrap torn

battery_damage.JPGAll in all, I have done much worse. Its on the bench waiting for a rainy day, CA and some TLC.

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