WRCC President's Day Fun Fly

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Well Sunday was the annual WRCC President's Day Fun Fly. The weather could have been much worse - it didn't rain the whole day. However, with a stiff North wind 20-30km/h and the sun buried behind clouds, the temperature was a chilly 15-18C. Due to the wind, I stayed on the ground (until later in the evening when I took the Citabria out for a spin in my front yard).

radicalrc_microlowstick.JPGThere was quite a range of planes, from a really small 4oz  Radical RC Micro Low Stick that had no problem screaming through the wind all the way up to a couple of turbine powered jets and a couple of larger 4 stroke monsters.

I was impressed with the number of electric planes that made a showing, including some very impressive ducted fan models that sounded awesome!

 This was one of the 2 jets. 2 litres of jet fuel in under 5 minutes! But wow did it move!!!


The day concluded with a pig roast, which was a neat experience (although to be honest, some sauces like gravy or something would have made it better).


Thanks Len and maybe we'll be there again next year!

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