Pilot log book

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I have been out a number of times this year with 2 of my planes. I am tracking my air time with each bird on separate pages. For those that want to follow my progress, the RC Planes link at the top will take you to the collection of planes I have (the 2 I've been flying this year are RC - no control line, yet).

The 2 planes I am flying are my really small Parkzone Citabria and my Sophisticated Lady sailplane (with electric assist).

Total time is closing in on 1.5 hours between the two (I just rolled my first hour on the Citabria). Since I don't actually run a stop watch on every flight, I am estimating the number of minutes (and sometimes even the number of flights) - but I do try and estimate low, rather then high.

The Citabria is very forgiving and has been a great learning tool. It has had a couple nasty bumps, and currently has a wounded prop that is held together with CA.

The Lady is getting better. I was out this afternoon using a different transmitter (a Futaba T6EXA running on Channel 34), and found that setting the Dual Rate to 75% seemed to help out a lot. It too is running on a broken prop that almost caused a crash today when it flew apart barely 20' off the ground.

Hopefully I'll get a proper folding prop for the Lady as there is no landing gear, so landings are hard on the prop.

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