Repairing the Citabria

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Purchased the gear box and prop today.

first_solder.JPGCarefully soldered the new motor in, taking care to match white to white and black (new) to red (old) motor to ensure correct polarity. Covered the joints with some ultra thin heat-shrink tubing I thought I'd never use.

ready_to_glue.JPGReady to have the prop attached. Notice (barely) the threaded shaft. It is right hand thread - I at first thought it might be left-handed, but I think I over analyzed that too much.

prop_attached.JPGAttached the prop.

When I tested the motor, to my horror it spun BACKWORDS!

Let that be a lesson to everyone - don't assume the wiring on these motors is correct, test the connection before making it permanent. I had to carefully cut the heat-shrink off, unsolder the wires and re-solder them back together.

correct_polarity.JPGThis time it spins the correct way.

glued.JPGA bit of white glue to hold the motor back in the mounting holes and we're ready to fly again.

taped_ready_to_fly.JPGWill see how it goes on Monday.


WOW,when I see the first pic ,I think that was an A-bomb,haha,only a joke,very beautiful product,go on with it you surely will be success,Hope you'll have your self-owned brand,like Walkera,Nine eagles,Esky etc.

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