AMP D-SUB Crimping tool for sale

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amp_58074_tool_9pin.JPGI was going through my tools last night, and I came across this gem that some of the more serious builders might appreciate for wiring up a bunch of serial or parallel connectors. I even have a 25 pin male and female connetor to through in (I also had a male 9pin, but I crimped a wire in it to test the tool - works beautifully). Other then trying it out, I have never used it, and after seeing what they sell for new, I figure the few times I need to make a d-sub connector I'll just solder the wires manually. I could use the cash to buy plane parts.

Both Digikey and Jameco still stock these, so I'm thinking there are people out there who would appreciate one for less then full blown retail.

Total price from Digi-Key $266 plus taxes & shipping (Jameco was over $400! Yikes, who shops there???).

In the end, this tool is a time / money trade off. Those with money and little time will appreciate it, those like me with little money and (hopefully) more time can't justify the cost - hence the reason I'm looking to sell it.

As for the cost of the connectors, based on this page from Digi-Key,

The 9 pins seem comparable (male connectors are the same price), however, they do get quite expensive compared to the soldered connectors as the number of pins rise.

Any takers for $100 US plus shipping? Theres a good chance it will be put up for sale on eBay over the next few days.


Looks like someone spotted a bargain! The crimper was shipped this afternoon. Enjoy!

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