Outlet Blinker

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Rummaging through my buckets of stuff I came across this little curiosity...

front.jpgOn the back are some interesting inscriptions...

back.jpgThe top says "Outlet **inker" and the bottom says "100 Watts - 115 Volts". Hmmmm..... I tried looking into the holes and cracks, but couldn't see anything definitive. So, I stuck a 40W bulb in my trouble light (it originally had a 150W bulb), plugged it all in - and whadda know!? It BLINKS!

See?!?! (Sorry - the video is sideways...)


These used to be used for blinking christmas tree lights. The mechanism is likely a simple thermal one, as was once used in automobile turn signals. Part of the connection is a bi-metalic strip - when it heats up, it breaks the conneciton, then cools off. Does it click audibly?

Yes it clicks - although it is very quiet. The thing I found odd was that with a 150W bulb in the trouble light (what I first tried), the device didn't do anything. The light stayed off.

hello this is something Iv been looking for for a long long time do you have theses?? do you sell them or know where I can get a couple???? please and thank you in advance


Sorry it is not for sale, I just have the one. I suspect these would no longer be considered safe (I believe they are triggered by heat, and could get too hot), so it has been placed in my (very small, personal) electronics museum.

I have been looking for a blinker like this for years. Where can I get one?

Where can I purchase a blinker like this? I once had one but lost it in one of my several moves. Thanks.

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